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Cranes and hoists are a common sight on construction sites, at docks, and wherever heavy stuff needs to be lifted. YUNTIAN is a dedicated crane and hoist manufacturer. Our range of industrial lifting equipment is wide and varied. From overhead crane, to hydraulic work platform and lifting tools, our online catalogue covers everything needed for heavy-duty lifting tasks. Our hoisting machinery is installed in more than 100 countries around the world such as Australia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, South Africa, Brazil, etc.

Main Products
    1. Bridge Crane(Top Running Single Girder) It comes with three operation modes, i.e. ground control, wireless remote control and cab operation. The cab is available in two patterns: open type and closed type. They can be installed on left or right side of the bridge crane according to practical situation. More
    1. Bridge Crane(Double Girder, Heavy Duty)As the most commonly used hoisting machinery, this heavy duty crane is suitable for warehouse, freight yard and other sites. The attention, however, should be paid that this double girder overhead crane is prohibited to be used in inflammable, corrosive environment. More
    1. Electric Gantry Crane (Single Girder)This girder gantry crane can serve as heavy duty material handling machinery widely used in workshops or outdoor ground for lifting and moving objects. As a hoisting machinery specialist in China, YUNTIAN can meet all kinds of requirements for gantry cranes. If you have any special demands, just tell us.More
    1. Gantry Crane(Double Girder)The double girder gantry crane comes with a closed type operator cab which is equipped with adjustable seat, insulated mat on the floor, toughened glass for window, fire extinguisher, electric fan and auxiliary equipment as required by customers such as air conditioning, acoustic alarm and interphone. More
    1. Floor Mounted Jib CraneThe floor mounted jib crane, also called free standing jib crane is a popular material handling equipment developed in recent years. It features unique structure, reliability and safety, as well as outstanding characteristics such as high efficiency, energy conservation, time and labor effectiveness and flexibility. More
    1. Bridge Crane (with Grab Bucket)It is composed of bridge girder, hoist trolley, grab bucket and electric equipment. The grab bucket is specially designed for easy handling of bulk materials. Thus, this type of overhead crane is widely used in power plant, smelting workshop of steel mill, cement plant, waste recycling station, etc.More
    1. Suspension Crane (with Magnetic Lifter)This electromagnetic crane is a heavy lift crane employing a long spreader beam that is equipped with hooks or magnetic lifters as its lifting mechanism. Due to such design, this special type of overhead crane is widely used for lifting and transporting long objects with high working efficiency.More
    1. Ladle Crane(Double Girder, 5-74Ton)The QDY double girder ladle crane is a casting crane, mainly used for lifting and moving steel and iron ladle in metallurgy and foundry places. If you need it to lift steel ladle, gantry hook can be used together with this casting hook. Therefore, this double girder ladle crane is a light duty ladle craneMore
    1. Electric Wire Rope HoistThis type of motor hoist features compact structure, light deadweight and easy operation. It can be installed on I-beam steel, working together with single girder crane, double girder crane, jib crane, etc. Our electric wire rope hoist comes with excellent current and voltage overload protection to electric parts. Proper control voltage (36V) ensures safe operation.More
  • Service and Support
  • YUNTIAN is a specialist industrial lifting equipment exporter. We offer our customers a complete range of cranes, electric hoists, electric winches, hydraulic lifts, and other hoisting equipment for every application, which is optimized by our comprehensive sales and service support.
    We have established a complete sales and service system. Our sales and service team consists of 380 enthusiastic employees who have rich work experience and thereby can offer you exquisite business support and perfect service.
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